Super Mario Run for Nintendo Switch?


Super Mario Run for Nintendo Switch?


On the recent presentation, Nintendo shared some more information about its new console – Nintendo SWITCH. The brand remains faithful to itself, offering players a simple and yet extremely user-friendly solution “two in one”: both stationary and portable console! The

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Android users’ wait for Super Mario Run is over; The date has Released by Nintendo


A recent tweet by Nintendo USA said that Super Mario Run will be available for Android from 23rd March. This popular game was Nintendo was originally released in December 2016 for Apple devices running iOS 8.0 or later. It received mix reviews by Gamers as some

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Super Mario Run presents World Tour and Toad Rally versions


Super Mario Run sports three chief game versions: the main game where the player wheels Mario or other players as they automatically run thru the screen while timing jumps to gather coins and other grants, a Toad Rally where characters

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