What’s new in Super Mario Run version 2.0 update?


According to the promises made by the popular game developer, Nintendo to release the android version of their famous game, Super Mario run very soon. The promise has been met and the game is scheduled to be officially released on Thursday, March 23; this is according to the official announcement made by Nintendo on Twitter. However, this has been good news for android users who have been looking forward to knowing the release date of the breathtaking game.

The game has been exclusive on iOS since December 2016 and the company has since then promised to release the android version of the touchscreen game in this year.

However, the game is scheduled to be released on the 23 of this month and it is will be synchronized with the version 2.0 of the game that is planned to be release on that same day.

The version 2.0 will allow players to select between the characters; since it will now feature more than the six in the previous versions. Moreover, free players will be able to play world 1-4 of the game if they are able to finish a challenge. Nintendo confirms that these are just some of the updates in version 2.0.

The game was released in December 2016 on iOS, which has seemed not to be good news for android users. According to the financial statement released at the end of January 2017, it was discovered that the game made an income of over $53 million dollars for both Apple and Nintendo from paid users; although, it is less than the company’s expectation.

Although Nintendo does not hope for an unexpected breakthrough from the day, the android version of the game will be released but we believe that the android version of the game will gather more revenue for the game developer than the iOS version.

Where to download the game?

As we all know that all android apps and games are to be downloaded from Google play store. The game can be downloaded from the app store as from march, 23 (which is presumably 3 days from now). However, if you are interested in the game and you want to receive notification about the game release, you can register on Google play store. You can also check for the official description of the game.

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