Android users’ wait for Super Mario Run is over; The date has Released by Nintendo


A recent tweet by Nintendo USA said that Super Mario Run will be available for Android from 23rd March. This popular game was Nintendo was originally released in December 2016 for Apple devices running iOS 8.0 or later. It received mix reviews by Gamers as some said it was overpriced. But Now Nintendo officially release its date for Android Users.


What is the Reason that Nintendo launching Mario too late in Android?

Nintendo could launch Super Mario run for Android Earlier. In fact, Users of Android is more than iOS across the globe. But What was the Reason that Nintendo did not launch it earlier?

We can answer it in one word which is Piracy. Piracy is the biggest problem for paid apps in Android. This is the reason for launching Super Mario Run late on Android platform.

One thing More on 23rd march

Yes, It is confirmed that Super Mario Run is coming for Android on 23rd March but The company is planning to launch 2.0 version of Super Mario Run on 23 March. The new version will have some astonishing features and some will be related to antipiracy. The company did not reveal the upcoming features yet but according to some speculations, many new playable characters added, users of the demo version of the game can unblock the fourth world by some browser’s challenges. As Nintendo didn’t confirm it yet, So don’t believe it blindly. Wait for the Update.

The price of the game is not officially confirmed by the Nintendo but as always happens, price model would be same as iOS price model of Super Mario Run. Users can play the demo game and for the full version of Game, they have to pay approximate $9.99 to unlock the complete Game.

As the launch date is coming, So you don’t have to wait too long for the new update. As We know the popularity of the game in iOS that’s Why We can predict that it can reach lots of download in just a few weeks. This step will definitely increase the revenue of the Nintendo from Super Mario Run.

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